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Summit Freewheelers
A Developmental Bicycle Racing Club
(Founded 1987)
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RATL2015: Races at the Lake !

ONLY Preregistrations will be accepted! No day-of-event registrations!

Online registration instructions:

Please log into your USA Cycling account at USA Cycling and click on “My Account.” Then click on the “Register for Event” button. If you need a one-day license, you must purchase it at the same time you are registering.

We do not want to inconvenience anyone. Our goal is to minimize the time it takes for you to check in prior to your race, decrease your wait time for results, improve the accuracy of your results, and provide live race information. And there is no fee for online registration.

  • The first race of the four week series will be Saturday, April 25, 2015.

  • Visit the RATL page for more information.

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Public Club Rides

~ All rides begin at 6pm

~ A, B, and C rides meet in the CVNP at Botzum Trailhead on Riverview Rd., south of Bath Rd.

• A & B rides meet Tuesdays

First ride will be May 5

• C rides are meeting Thursdays

• Women's ride Wednesdays

First ride will be May 6

Meet at Brandywine Bar/ Par 3 Clubhouse on Akron-Peninsula Rd just south of SR-303

USA Cycling

These are the Rules we follow on training rides

Here is a link to our Really Reasonable Ride Rules.

The proper way to pin your Race Number onto your jersey

Check this out (with video): “How to pin your Race Number

Let us teach you how to become a Bicycle Racer

The purpose of the Summit Freewheelers is to develop and prepare area cyclists to participate in road racing events. The key benefit in joining with us is that we take an active interest in your development and provide free classes on conditioning, riding skills, and racing tactics. We also have weekly team rides during the season that will help foster your growth.

We have renewed our effort for 2015 by holding monthly training sessions with indoor study and outdoor practice (when possible). We have been building a solid Category-4 and Category-5 racing team for the 2015 racing season.

If you are interested in taking your cycling to the next level and trying your hand at bicycle racing, we are here to help. To participate, become a member of the Summit Freewheelers Bicycle Racing club.

Ohio Racing Schedule

The complete schedule is at

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